Don’t call it a Chinese virus. Call it the CCP VIRUS

  26 marzo 2020       Marco Respinti       www.reteliberale.it

by Marco Respinti - China is a totalitarian regime that unlawfully detains, tortures, and kills⸺The Chinese communist regime systematically violates human rights, represses liberties, violates consciences, persecutes religions, and harasses ethnic minorities⸺The Beijing government fabricates fake news to confuse and dominate⸺Facing the challengeof the coronavirus, the regime has hidden the epidemic for weeks, and has silenced doctors, jailed journalists, and obstructed science⸺Now it acts as a "liberator", but it is only propaganda⸺Let's then stop calling this global pandemic a "Chinese virus"⸺Let's simply call it a "communist virus" or the "Chinese Communist Party virus", a disease that lies and kills. Subscribe at info@reteliberale.it, share this message, resist the infection. We are on Facebook, too. China’s ruling system is a totalitarian regime led by a single party, the Chinese Communist Party (or CCP). It is a regime in which freedom and democracy do not exist. Chinese citizens are persecuted, tortured, and killed if they dare to stand up to the regime or simply ask questions. China’s proudly Communist (or neo-post-communist) regime is also afake news industry, able of blowing smoke into the eyes of global observers and unjustly accusing those who oppose its liberticidal policy. A number of organizations, religious and secular, private and institutional, media and advocacy groups—groups such as Bitter Winter, AsiaNews, ChinaAid, Citizen Powers Initiative for China, Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, The Jamestown Foundation, World Uyghur Congress, Uyghur Human Rights Project, Uyghur Canadian Society, Campaign for Uyghurs, Sinopsis, International Campaign for Tibet, Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Central Tibetan Administration, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Free Press, The Epoch Times, China Uncensored, and many others—currently provide powerful antidotes to the lies disseminated by the regimeon a daily basis. A totalitarian regime In China, all religions are persecuted: Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, Taoists, Jews, folk religions, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Shouters, Association of Disciples, Falun Gong, The Church of Almighty God, and so on. When the regime does not have sufficientstrength to repress them harshly, it infiltrates and controls them, heavy-handedly intervening in their operations at first chance. In Xinjiang, one million Uighurs have been unjustly imprisoned, guilty only of belonging to an ethnic minority and being believers (Muslims). The regime claims it is hosting them in “vocational centers”, but these are truly internment camps—in which some of the prisoners are senior and retired professionals—where people are tortured and die. One million people is the prudential figure that international documents use to estimate how many are detained, but independent researchers have reasonably increased thatnumber up to three million, plus thousands of other members of Turkic minorities (Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Tatars, and others). And those who live outside the camps live in constant terror, under the strictest control, in fear. Tibet has also been experiencing a distressing situation. Everything Tibetan is being repressed and trampled on. There, Chinese surveillance is widespread and suffocating, too. High-techmethods of control, facial recognition systems, ubiquitous surveillance cameras, DNA profiling, prohibited or limited freedom of movement, and the use of fingerprints simply to access places of worship: this is daily life in China. “China Tribunal”, an independent people’s tribunal based in London, issued a verdict of moral guilt in June: it charged China with leading a sophisticated and extensivetrading network in human harvesting, with forcedexplantsof organs from prisoners of conscience—and their placementon the black market. On March 1, "China Tribunal" published a "black book" of this gruesome form of persecution. It is 500 pageslong. Another impressive amount of evidence on this same topic has been published online by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C. Faced with these violations, on March 4a bipartisan group of US senators called on the International Olympic Committee to move the 2022 Winter Olympics out of China. On March 11, the U.S. State Department issued its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2019, its annual analysis of the state of human rights in the world. The section on China lists: arbitrary or unlawful killings; forced disappearances; torture, arbitrary detention, harsh and life-threatening prison and detention conditions; arbitrary interference with privacy; physical attacks on and criminal prosecution of journalists, lawyers, writers, bloggers, dissidents, petitioners, and others as well as their family members; censorship and site blocking; interference with the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of association, including overly restrictive laws that apply to foreign and domestic NGOs; severe restrictions of religious freedom; substantial restrictions on freedom of travel within the country and overseas; and refoulement of asylum seekers to North Korea (where they have a well-founded fear of persecution). The Report also notes substantial problems with the independence of the judiciary, which is totally dominated by the CCP. The regime controls the appointment of all judges and even sometimes directly dictates court rulings, and widespread corruption plagues the country. It also underlines the coercive birth-limitation policy that, in some cases,has included forced sterilization or abortion, trafficking in persons, the imposition of severe restrictions on labor rights, and child labor. The regime and the coronavirus As to the coronavirus, the Chinese regime is guilty of lies, delays in communicating the danger and the spread of this disease to the world, suppression of those who tried to sound the alarm on time, and continual persecution and violation of human rights using the infection as a shield. It is also guilty for silencing what happened in two laboratories in Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, which were secretly working with viruses. Let’s state it clearly. We are not accusing China of any conspiracy. It’s useless. There is no conspiracy. What China does in theplain light of dayis enough for those who have eyes to see. It is disconcerting that no one is asking China—a country with a horrible record in human rights and disinformation—to clearly explain what happens in two research centers, one less than 300 meters from Huanan, the fish market of Wuhan, and the other at only 12 kilometers. In mid-February, two Chinese researchers, Dr. Botao Xiao from South China University of Technology in Guangzhou and Dr. Lei Xiao of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, shed light on those two research centers (labs, really) where everything is secret. Interestingly, their paper has since disappeared from the international scholarly data base ResearchGate, not the first such incident regarding texts from China that the CCP does not like. (It is, however, still available through the Wayback Machine, a tool that recovers deleted Internet material which China has, so far, been unable to control.) We are not saying that those labs created the virus because we do not know it. Neither did the two Chinese researchers say it. But why doesn't China explain what happens in those labs? Why was the study by these two academics removed from ResearchGate? The disease of ideology Today China and the "Chinese model" are being heralded to the world as the solution to the coronavirus. Italy was the first country to be hit hard by the pandemic, and its people have been paying a great toll in human lives. And today, it is the terrain for a lot ofpropaganda from the Chinese regime,as several voiceshave already denounced. Italy has received anti-infection health masks—which, it is worth noting, come from the Chinese Red Cross, not from the Communist government in Beijing—but only after buying and paying for medical ventilators. Despite this, China has had the nerve to insinuate that the virus has Italian origins (only when it does not falsely say that its cause is to be found in the United States). Someone has even wondered whether China can be brought to the dock for omissions and lies. It happens in the United States and in Canada, especially because Chinese medical institutions cannot be trusted, and Under international law, China and/or the CCP could and should be sued for the enormous damages they caused to the world. Well, for all these reasons,Hong Kong is proposing to stop calling the coronavirus a "Chinese virus". The Chinese people have, in fact,nothing to do with its origins. The Chinese people suffer both from the coronavirus (just like us) and from the CCP (and we suffer from its propaganda). The Washington Posthas said as much, urging readers “[...] to separate the way we talk about the Chinese people from the way we talk about their rulers in Beijing.” In fact, “[w]e must all be specific in blaming the Chinese Communist Party for its actions. It was the CCP that hid the virus outbreak for weeks, silencing doctors, jailing journalists and thwarting science—most notably by shutting down the Shanghai lab that publicly released the first coronavirus genome sequence.”After all,“[t]he Chinese people are heroes in this story.” “Our beef,” the American newspaper continues, “is not with the Chinese people, our problem is with the CCP—its internal repression, its external aggression, and its malign influence in free and open societies.” Let’s then stop calling it a “Chinese virus”: “Let’s just call it the ‘CCP virus’. That’s far more accurate and offends only those who deserve it.” That’s right. That is why we launched this campaign. Let’s call it by its name: theCommunist virus, the virus of the Chinese Communist Party, which lies and kills. Subscribe, please, writing to either info@liberale.it or callittheccpvirus@gmail.com. Resist the infection. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. Request it at ether info@reteliberale.it or callittheccpvirus@gmail.com